What is the Arctist Collective?

The Arctist Collective is a group of about 60 or so artists who have not been trained in the classical sense but rather use Art as a form of free expression.

Who are the Arctists?

The Arctists are all members of the Arc Mercer in one way or another.  They are individuals who love to communicate to others through all forms of art.  

What is the Arc Mercer?

The Arc Mercer is a non-profit located in Mercer County that services individuals with disabilities ranging from cognitive to physical.  The Arctists come from all of the Arc's different programs including our Adult Resource Center, Occupational Training Center, Recreation Department, and Respite Program.  For more information on the Arc Mercer

Are all the pieces on the website available for purchase?

Absolutely our Arctists are all professionals, and would love nothing more than to share their work with the world.  If you see something you like their prices can be found in the Artwork section.  For further questions on purchasing, contact Megan DiFranco or call 609-989-9211 x130.

Are prices negotiable?

While all the prices of the pieces have been based on size, and time spent completing them, yes, price is negotiable.

What percentage of the sale goes to the Arctist?

50% of your purchase goes directly to the Arctist. The remaining 50% goes right back into the program (to be used for purchasing materials) to ensure self-sustainability.

Do you ship the artwork after I purchase it or do I have to pick it up?

It is best to pick it up from us. To schedule a time for pick-up, contact Megan DiFranco or call 609-989-9211 x130. But in the case that you cannot pick up your purchase directly we can ship it for an additional charge.

Can I commission one of the artists for a project?

Yes, you most certainly can. The Arctists are available Monday through Friday from 9AM-2PM.

Is there any way I can get involved with the Arctist Collective?

Absolutely!  We are always looking for volunteers to assist around the studio and in the Art Program in one way or another. If you would like to spend some time with some amazing Arctists just get in touch with our Volunteer Coordinator Mark Spezzaferro and let her know how you heard about us, and what program you are interested in volunteering in.